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ETERNITY FILMS is a film production company founded by the film producer Anna Guerassimoff and the filmmaker Arthur Borgnis.

Anna and Arthur share a common goal: championing original works that allow audiences to discover the visual and thematic universes of unconventional film auteurs.

Anna Guerassimoff has been working as a film producer for more than fifteen years, on a variety of formats and media (documentaries, short and feature-length narrative films, TV drama, TV series). She has been employed by Compagnie des Phares et Balises, TF1 Production, Endemol Fiction.

Arthur Borgnis has directed nearly a dozen documentaries for major French TV channels (such as France Télévisions, LCP Assemblée Nationale, Groupe Canal+, or Paris Première). His independent documentary Eternity Has No Door of Escape was released in movie theaters on April 2018.

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