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OYLEM affiche A4 Eng Gen. Blanc
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" It is a tribute of rare formal beauty that does not become a simple representation of reality but a poem, a funeral elegy, a memory to be preserved. A truly unique, prodigious film with unforgettable moments. "

GUILIO BASE - Président du jury du Festival du film Tertio Millennio

" OYLEM takes an ambitious look at Andrei Tarkovsky's " cinema as prayer " with the visual beauty of Sebastiao Salgado. "

MARIO TURCO - Sentieri Selvagg

" OYLEM is an incredible film, which speaks of memory through words. To recover a language, to recover the word means for its author to recover a world, in the sense of being reborn and revived... If the first stage of the recovery of memory is that of the word, the second, on the other hand, is the extraordinary challenge of recounting the Shoah without the Jews and without the Nazis. There is an elegy, a re-enchantment, poetry, life. It is a film full of life even if it is a film about absence. "


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